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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I have a soft spot for this holiday -- My mother always made it a point to send me cards and chocolate, no matter what was going on in our lives, so it reminds me of the many different ways we can celebrate love and friendship. And now that I have a little girl to share it with, it continues to be a fun day for me.

This winter has seemed so long and difficult, that I thought it would be a good idea to have a Valentine's Day party for my daughter so we all had something fun to focus on. I made the invitations using slate gray, blush pink, and white scalloped paper, with silver accents, wrapped in a doily and silver/white baker's twine. I followed the color scheme through in the goody bags, which I filled with stickers, a puzzle, bubbles, and a word-find / tic-tac-toe board that I made, complete with x's and o's, and tic-tacs. My daughter helped me make a garland out of doilies and a 3-D heart for the ceiling.

I came up with a few games that were very simple and inexpensive to make. Here is a list of our activities:

1. Heart Crowns I shaped the front pieces first using pipe cleaners, and then each girl was able to put her crown together with a little help. (If you are looking to make these on your own, they really are very simple. All you need is 7 pipe cleaners for each crown.

2. 'Pin' the Wings on Cupid Amazing what you can do with a little felt! And no, I did not freehand that cupid. I just enlarged and printed a cupid I found online, cut it out, and used it as a template to cut my own out of felt.

3. Fishing I cut the fish out of foam core and covered them with paper, then glued on magnets for eyes. My husband and I made a fishing pole out of an old bamboo stick we had leftover from a fence project, and we tied twine and a washer to the end. Each girl got a minute to see how many fish she could catch.

4. Heart Bean Bag Toss I made the hearts out of felt and filled them with (uncooked) rice. No sewing necessary! I just hot-glued them together. I made a board from foam core and covered it in red poster board, and I cut heart shapes out of it instead of circles.

5. Freeze dance Each time the music stopped, I pointed to a different girl and she got to pick a heart. I had written activities on each one, like 'twirl like a ballerina', 'name the colors in the rainbow', etc.

[I don't have any photos of the last two activities because all the girls decided to start jumping on and tickling the photographer, and he stopped taking pictures. That may have actually been their favorite activity.]

Everyone got prizes for each game, and when we were finished, we had a picnic with heart-shaped sandwiches, heart fruit salad, and cucumbers and carrots cut into, you guessed it, heart shapes. And for dessert, a pink and white ombre Valentine cake and heart rice crispy treats.

Creating happy Valentine memories for 10 sweet little girls made this one of my favorite parties. I hope you are finding a great way to celebrate the love in your life today.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Monday, January 20, 2014


As I may have mentioned before, my 4-year old daughter is very into princesses. Many of them are very strong and teach great lessons, but for a while I have wanted to introduce her to some women and girls who overcame real world obstacles, to give her some positive role models and to help teach problem solving. Many of the books I've seen about these women are a bit dry, and certainly not sparkly (there are notable exceptions, including one of my favorites, Me…Jane, by Patrick McDonnell). So my plan was to print out pictures of women like Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Jane Goodall, etc, and then for us to decorate them together using jewel stickers and glitter. She loves doing crafts, as well as all things glittery, so I figured it would spark her interest and then we could talk about these women and their struggles and triumphs together, while doing an activity she enjoys.

I had been kicking this idea around for a while, when I saw a FB post from my good friend Brianna, who amazingly is homeschooling her kindergartener this year. She created a Wall of Inspirational Girls and Women for her daughters, ages 5 and 3. I was so intrigued by this very-simple-but-oh-so-incredible idea, and it went perfectly with what I was trying to do. About getting started, Brianna said, "I was just trying to think of women who inspired me for some reason. I'm attracted to people who are inspiring for something other than being the 'first woman who did X'. For example: Diana Nyad was the first PERSON to swim from Cuba to the US without a shark cage or fins. And she did it at 64 years old! And it was her 5th try! Good lessons about following your dream regardless of your age, and not giving up."

What an inspiration! Brianna's wall includes Diana Nyad, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Bethany Hamilton, Malala Yousafzai, and Dr. Madeha Alajroush (an organizer of the protests in Saudi Arabia against the ban on women drivers), who wrote a note to Brianna's daughter reminding her that rights are taken not given. Wow!

For our wall, we started with 2 women who share my daughter's name: Tess McGill from the movie Working Girl, and Jane Goodall.

I'm so excited to keep going with our wall. I love learning more about these inspiring women too! I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future women to feature. Maybe in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, Rosa Parks should be next...